Invite Your Friends

This Christmas  

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Why Christmas Eve Invites Make Sense...

Christmas Eve is the second highest attending Church service in America (Easter is first) but it's also the service that non-Christians are most likely to attend. About 1 in 5 of your non-church attending friends are "very interested" in attending a Christmas Eve service and about 47% are "willing" (according to a 2014 Barna study). 

Christmas Eve is also a time when new people tend to feel the most comfortable - instead of being one of only a few visitors in Church that day, they're likely to be one of many visitors in Church that day.


The most effective way to invite your friends to Church is to do so directly. Send a text, make a phone call, take someone out for coffee and ask the question, "What are your plans for Christmas? I'm going to Church on Christmas Eve. Would you like to come with me?"  

A Few Other Options 

Don't forget - we strongly believe that direct invitations are best. 

1. Invite Cards

We'll have invite cards in the commons area this Sunday for you to share with people. 

2. Social Graphics

We created a simple graphic invite for Facebook here.

We created a Facebook profile frame here.


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @waiteparkchurch as more graphics and opportunities develop. We'll be sharing a personal invite video from Pastor Kory next week.