Our Ministry Criteria 

We know it's not enough simply to focus on spiritual needs, but we have a Biblical mandate to care for people’s material and relational needs as well. Outreach and evangelism go together. With so many ministries to partner with and so much opportunity out there, we narrowed down the options with these criteria:

  • We must be able to serve in a way that only the church can serve, ministering to physical and financial needs, but also sharing the Gospel.

  • We must be able to develop reciprocal relationships with those we serve. Sensitivity to retaining and fostering the dignity and value of those that we're serving is essential. 

  • Organizations must have a range of ways people of all ages (including children, teens, adults, and seniors) can contribute.

Knowing this would be a whole-church effort we applied these criteria to dozens of ministries and then we sought the input of the church community. We had private conversations, held town hall meetings and filled out surveys. The board poured over this input and confirmed what the church body determined.


The FreedomWorks program focuses on creating a safe and encouraging living environment that guides previously incarcerated men into new relationships, positive support systems, and Christ-centered studies. They provide resources for career development, housing stability, and more. 

Click here to visit their website. 

Together for Good: 

Together for Good partners with churches to find host families for children of families in crisis and they work to support the whole family, (especially moms) that are isolated by giving them a trustworthy and caring support network.

The VP of Together for Good, Tammie Haveman's presentation to our Church: 











Click Here to find out more at tfgood.org


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