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Summer Reading Plan

We want to invite you to Waite Park Church this summer, Sunday mornings at 10 where we'll be starting a series that anyone from non-believer, new-believer or long-timer will benefit from. Here's why...

Have you ever been flipping through tv channels and you came across a movie already in progress that you recognized, but had never seen? Maybe it was a thriller or a heist movie. And maybe you continued to watch because you were interested, but as things progressed, you realized that you didn't really understand what was happening. The reason for it is that you missed the plot. That's the thing about movies, if you don't catch the plot, many parts of the movie won't make sense.

But the great thing about modern technology is that you can always go back and start at the beginning. When you do, even the parts you already saw will take on new life. Things you didn't understand or parts of the story that seemed out of place will suddenly make sense. Best of all, if the movie is good, it will be incredibly emotionally satisfying.

That's why this past week, we started our summer series called God's Big Story. I would dare to say that many people know small pieces of the Bible--a verse here, a story there, a saying that has become a truism in our society--but don't know the whole plot. And because of that, they misunderstand or misinterpret these stories or teachings. This series is a walk through the big story of the Bible. In it, we'll not just go into the various Bible stories, but we'll explore the history, culture and literature that sheds light on the each one.

You can watch the series here, join us on the livestream, or come in person!

We've also put together a list of "Hot Chapters of the Bible" that we'll read together this summer to help us as take a look at God's Big Story.

Click HERE to download the PDF.

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