Theology After Party - Year 3


DATE: Sundays July 21 2018 - August 18th 

TIME: 6:30PM-8:00PM

LOCATION: In the Blue Room on the Upper Level of the Church 


Optional Q&A after


This summer we'll be discussing the last third of the Apostle's Creed, focusing on the Holy Spirit and the Church. 


Our goals:


  1. To Grow In Unity: 
    as we gain appreciation for the history of the Church


  2. To Grow In Holiness: 
    as we learn more about what God looks like we can look more like Him

  3. To Grow in Faith:
    as we learn about the richness of Christian doctrine. 

Our strategy: 

  1. The Wesleyan Quadrilateral
    A method for discerning truth through Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience. With scripture being our primary authority and the others lending support for understanding. 


  2. Spectrums of Orthodoxy 
    On any given doctrine, our goal is to present where the Church has generally "landed" along a spectrum of possible beliefs. Our goal isn't to tell you exactly what to believe but to provide you with potential "safe" choices for orthodox belief as well as to point out when those beliefs typically fall into heresy (false teaching). 

  3. Dogma, Doctrine, and Preference 
    Finally we recognize that some beliefs are more important and significant than others. We are firmly committed to the foundational beliefs of the Church (dogma) and want to respect differences of opinion when it comes to doctrinal issues. 

Our Scope and Sequence: 

Week 1-2: Holy Spirit, Dogmas and Doctrines 

Week 3-4: The Church & Forgiveness 

Week 5: Afterlife 

The following videos cover content from year 1 and provide a good foundation to further doctrinal study. 

Episode 0 - Intro and Course Overview 

Episode 1 - Why Doctrine Matters

Episode 2 - What is Doctrine

Episode 3 - How to Discern Doctrine (Scripture)

Episode 4 - How to Discern Doctrine (Tradition) 

Episode 5 - How to Discern Doctrine (Making Sense of Tradition)

Episode 6 - Trinity, Nature, Personhood

Episode 7 - Primary Attributes

Episode 8 - Relational Attributes

Episode 9 - Interpersonal & Personal Attributes

Episode 10 - Creation