Thrive Look-Back Survey

A big theme throughout THRIVE has been the importance of slowing down and asking God to help us reflect on our life. As our Focus Season comes to an end we want to reflect on and celebrate what God has been up to in the lives of our Church family. Here were the topics of the past 5 messages: (1) Rooted in Christ, (2) Spiritual Friendships, (3) Dealing With Your Stuff, (4) Sowing Peace, (5) Living Out Your Purpose.

So take a moment to slow down with us and answer any of the following questions:

Here are some examples: 

  • Before Thrive I... was unsure of what was holding me back in my faith
    but now... I know I need to deal with some past hurts in order for my roots to grow deeper.

  • Before Thrive I... was trying to do everything on my own
    but now... I know I need to lean on spiritual friendships. 

  • Before Thrive I... was way too busy and overwhelmed
    but now... I'm working on slowing down and spending time with God. 


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Our Focus seasons are a time for our whole church to make a concerted effort to take what we talk about on Sunday mornings and further is explore those ideas throughout the week on our own and in our small groups. We love this highly intentional time as a church and always look forward to seeing how God uses it. We invite you to follow along.


Focus Season Guide: 

Every Focus Season we develop a booklet to help you follow along. You can request a hard copy, pick one up

at the Church, or download the PDF.