More Than a Workbook:

The Widow's Workbook is more than a workbook - it's a community, it's support, it's understanding and it's empathy. It's walking with women who have walked this path before. If you've got questions, you'll find listeners. If you've got hurt, you'll find comfort. If you've got pain, you'll find healing. 

What We Love About This: 

Joan Kinde: 

This group is led by a wonderful woman who loves Jesus and desires to be used by God. When she lost her husband, she was given this same workbook. As she went through the book - she soon realized that she could use her pain and her loss for God's glory by serving others and helping others through the loss of losing a husband. 

The Workbook: 

We'll be working through "The Widow's Workbook." It's less of a book and more of a series of real questions which will help each woman to flesh out her thoughts, experience her feelings, and face her fears, uncertainties, and doubts. They're soul searching questions which allow us to get a handle on some of the more ambiguous sides of grief. It's Biblically based but you don't have to be an expert on the Bible, you don't even need to be familiar with it - you just need to be open and willing. 

The Past: 

This isn't the first time that Joan has brought a group of widows through this workbook. Each time she's done it women have experienced healing, comfort, understanding, and community. We're thankful for the amazing means of grace that this "course" has been to others in the past. 

The Community: 

Joan was clear - this was to be a group of all women. She wants a place where women can feel safe and where women can know that they belong. If you've recently lost a husband - this is a group of like-minded women who can grieve with you. 

The Nitty-Gritty:

Who can participate: 

Any woman of any age who has lost a husband.


What can we expect: 

A structured but flexible conversation-oriented group working through a booklet together. 

Where will we meet: 

Waite Park Church 

1510 33rd Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN  55418

In the "Fireside Room" 

Park in the parking lot, come through the entrance, and it's the first room on your left. Wheelchair accessible. 

When will we meet: 

Tuesday Afternoons 12:30PM - 1:30PM 

First Meeting date: February 27th 

One Other Note:

We'd love to have you come. We don't expect you to stay. Maybe you go to another church in the Twin Cities or maybe you haven't made up your mind about who Jesus is and whether or not you want to be a part of it all. That's okay. This isn't a church growth strategy and we're not trying to increase membership or fill pews. Whether you're Christian or Curious - you're welcome here. Women are grieving and we know women who have grieved and we'd love for them to meet each other and support each other. 

Introduce Yourself: 

Use the form below to send an email to Joan. If you're planning on coming, let us know so we can have the right amount of materials prepared. If you'd like more info or simply want to say "hello" feel free to do that too! 

Waite Park Church is a multi-generational, neighborhood church that strives to share the life Jesus promised in our community and around the world.


1510 33rd Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN  55418

(612) 781-7434

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