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Students, grades 6-12 from the surrounding Twin Cities area. 


A reservoir is a place of life. It is a body of water that exists, naturally or man-made, to support a surrounding community. Our desire as a youth program is to be a source of life to any teenager we encounter and their family. 


Reservoir Youth meet at Waite Park Church from 6:30-9.


Teenagers aren't the "next" generation. They're not waiting to grow up in order to be Christians. They're an integral part of the Body of Christ now and we want to grow them and guide them in their relationship with Jesus and provide them with opportunities to live out their faith. 

Get Involved:

  • Become a prayer sponsor: Contact our youth director and ask to be paired up with a student that you can be praying for. 

  • Scholarships – Many of our events have small costs involved with participation and it can be difficult for some of our teens to cover these costs. A small donation goes a long way.

  • Become a Youth Volunteer – Partner with our youth ministry, help provide support, and be available when needed. Lend your time, energy, and presence to our youth ministry. 

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