Who we Are  

Who We Are

Waite Park Church is a multi-generational, neighborhood church that works so that everyone we come into contact with would experience what Jesus promised when he said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and have to in the fullest sense.”

We want to be a community where people find life in a deep, ongoing relationship with Jesus. We fully believe that God is present and active in our lives and that we can know God through Jesus Christ, and when we do, we can know peace no matter what we’re going through in life. We want to be a place for people who broken and hurting—people who can’t seem to get their stuff together—because we believe Jesus can transform any of us, no matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done.

Find Life

We want to create space where people can share life with each other. We aren’t meant to be alone. Sometimes we need to rely on each other’s strength when we’re weak. Sometimes we need people to catch us when we’re falling. And sometimes we even need people to tell us when we’re being hypocritical or just plain jerks. We try to accomplish this in many ways, but the primary way we do it is through small groups that meet during the week that focus on studying the Word, Worshipping God together, and developing deep friendships.

Share Life
Give Life

We are a mission-focused church that knows we’re called to offer that life to people who are lost and hurting. Every day, we’re learning what it means to walk with people through the mess of life and to offer them the life Jesus gave us. We want to offer life and hope to our neighborhood and beyond by partnering with local and global ministries.

Waite Park Church is a multi-generational, neighborhood church that strives to share the life Jesus promised in our community and around the world.


1510 33rd Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN  55418

(612) 781-7434


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