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Misbehaviors and the God-Given Gifts Behind Them

Buried beneath the surface of children’s selfish or impulsive behavior is the treasure of valuable raw talent, created for God’s purposes. Because it is often used in hurtful ways parents tend to punish the misbehavior without regard for the raw talent.

In this workshop you will learn to identify and constructively build on your child’s “gift-gone-awry” so he or she will be motivated to use it for more honoring ways.

This grace-filled approach is both solidly biblical, and highly effective in addressing misbehavior as you bring out the best in your kids!

Date & Time

Saturday, May 7

9:00 AM to 11:00 AM


Waite Park Church 

1510 33rd Ave NE in Minneapolis


$10 per adult or $15 per couple

Stacy Bellward.png

Stacy Bellward from Connected Families will present this workshop.  To learn more about Connected Families and the many resources they offer, visit their website.

RSVP here to let us know you’re coming.  Limited childcare is available to families who register by Wednesday, May 4.

We Hope You Can Join Us

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