We don't care who you voted for, how many tattoos you have, or what your favorite beverage is. You're welcome here.  Many of our newer people visit us online before ever stepping foot in our church. This season of staying at home means that now is just as great a time as any to check out Waite Park Church. 


Sometimes it helps to know what you're getting into. So we'll try our best to give you a good idea of what you can expect. 

How can I watch a service? 

You can watch on Facebook or Youtube. Our preservice starts at 9:40AM and our service begins at 10AM. The twenty minute preservice gives everyone time to settle in and prepare for worship and it's a great excuse for us to have fun and connect with one another. 

How can I participate in a service? 

Throughout the service we'll give opportunities for you to weigh in. We also have software which allows us to broadcast comments across platforms and makes it possible for our Sunday morning team to interact with you. ​We'd love for you to participate but you definitely don't have to! 

When should I get there? 

Whenever works best for you. We find preservice fun to be a worthwhile time but some people come right at 10AM when service starts. 

What should I expect? 

We sing a mix of contemporary & hymn worship. We love Jesus and believe in the importance of biblical preaching. We love that we get to be a part of God's church and we want to take that calling seriously. We collect an offering almost every Sunday morning as an act of worship for our members to participate in - we don't expect new people to give but certainly want to provide an opportunity for everyone to participate meaningfully in the life the church. 


How should I prepare? 

If you like coffee, definitely brew some. To get the most out of worship we suggest getting dressed, limiting your distractions (silencing your phone, not trying to multitask, etc), and we'd even encourage you to sing aloud in worship with us and take notes during the message. Passion is cultivated at the level of moment and gesture and we think it's good to give God our best. At the same time, we have no problem with you joining us in your pajamas while you eat cereal and get the kids ready for the day. Everyone's routine is going to look different - do what works for you!

What next? 

Fill out a guest card at and we'll give 10lbs of food to a local food shelf and personally reach out to you. We'd love to connect and know that you're joining with us! 

What about my kids? 

We provide supplemental kids programming on Sunday morning made thanks to our awesome team of volunteers. Check out Kids Online for more info.