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The Master's Class

Pray may be one of the most misunderstood and neglected practices of the Christian life. Many people pray very little. Others would pray more, but but don't know what to pray for. Even when we do practice is, are we practicing prayer in a way that is most effective? Well, good luck because Jesus actually taught us how we should pray. The goal of this Focus Season is to learn prayer from the Master. Join us for this journey through The Lord's Prayer.

February 25th, 2024 // Abby Burg

Week 6 // Deliver us from Evil

Deliver Us From EvilAbby Burg
00:00 / 29:08

As Christians, we believe that there is more to the world than what we can see with our eyes. In this message, Pastor Abby unpacks the last line from the Lord's prayer and reminds us that prayer is one of the weapons we use to do spiritual battle.

February 18th, 2024 // Kory Kleinsasser

Week 5 // Forgive Us Our Debts

Forgive us Our DebtsKory Kleinsasser
00:00 / 39:50

Confession is a practice that has fallen out of favor in our world today. But for Jesus, it was a critical aspect of prayer. In this message, Kory highlights the two prerequisites to receiving God's forgiveness--confession and our willingness to forgive others.

February 11th, 2024 // Abby Burg

Week 4 // Give us Today Our Daily Bread

Give Us Today Our Daily BreadAbby Burg
00:00 / 26:54

While Jesus taught us to pray Kingdom-sized prayers, he didn't mean we should neglect praying also for our daily needs. In this message, Pastor Abby gives some tips for praying effectively for "our daily bread."

February 4th, 2024 // Kory Kleinsasser

Week 3 // Your Kingdom Come...

Your Kingdom ComeKory Kleinsasser
00:00 / 37:40

The Kingdom of God is anywhere God's will is being done. So Jesus tells us in the second line of the Lord's Prayer is "Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." How do we pray this prayer? Well, we learn just what it is that God wants.

January 28th, 2024 // Kory Kleinsasser

Week 2 // Our Father...

Our FatherKory Kleinsasser
00:00 / 33:46

This week, we start unpacking The Lord's Prayer, beginning with Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. There's much more here than meets the eye.

January 21st, 2024 // Kory Kleinsasser

Week 1 // How to Pray

How to PrayKory Kleinsasser
00:00 / 38:29

The first message of our winter focus season, we talk about what prayer is, who we pray to, and get some tips how we can develop a vibrant prayer life. 

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