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What You Can Expect

Upon arrival look for the KidsPark check-in desk in the commons area.  A volunteer will be there to answer any questions you may have, help you get checked in, and find the right room for your child.  Parents are given a sticker with a number that corresponds to the numbered sticker each of your children will also receive. 

You can drop off your children to the nursery at your earliest convenience. 

While the nursery is often a lively place, we also work hard to make sure our nursery is also secure and comfortable.  All KidsPark volunteers are background-checked and trained before they start volunteering— and we require a minimum of two volunteers in our nursery.  We want your kids to know that church is a safe place where they will be cared for by adults they can trust. 

If you don't think nursery is right for you or your children, some parents will sit in our Commons area while they watch the service on our TVs.  You're also welcome to keep your little one with you in the sanctuary.

If you're interested in trying out KidsPark with your kids, pre-registering will make checking in on Sunday morning a breeze and helps us adhere to our child safety procedures. 

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