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Fall 2023
Focus Season:
Who We Are as
Waite Park Church

Understanding our identity as the Waite Park Church is a crucial to living out our purpose in the world around us. This series, we will dive deep into what in means to live as this community of faith in Northeast Minneapolis.

Our Focus seasons are a time for our whole church to make a concerted effort to take what we talk about on Sunday mornings and further is explore those ideas throughout the week on our own and in our small groups. We love this highly intentional time as a church and always look forward to seeing how God uses it. We invite you to follow along. Check out the Focus Season Guide below for further quesitons for reflection and practices.

Inside Your Booklet:

- Scriptural Prayer

- Reflection Questions

- Weekly Practice

- Discussion Questions

September 17, 2023 // Kory Kleinsasser

Week 1 // The Family of God

The Family of God - Kory Kleinsasser
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September 24, 2023 // Kory Kleinsasser

Week 2 // Called by God

Practice Resources:

- GPS Gifts Assessment

- Kids Spiritual Gifts Test

Additional Resources:

- Reading the Bible Missionally by Michael Goheen

- The Church and Its Vocation by Michael Goheen

Called by God - Kory Kleinsasser
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October 1, 2023 // Kory Kleinsasser
Empowered by God - Kory Kleinsasser
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Reflection Resources:

- Shenma video by Bible Project

- Great Listening Skills video

- What is silence and solitude? by Ruth Haley Barton

- Counter Cultural: Silence and Solitude by Ruth Haley Barton

Additional Resources:

- Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Haley Barton

- Prayer by Richard Foster

October 8, 2023 // Kory Kleinsasser
Giving Ourselves - Kory Kleinsasser
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October 22, 2023 // Kory Kleinsasser
Who We Are Title.png

Practice Resources:

- Together For Good

The Purpose of Soul Training - Kory Kleinsasser
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