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What You Can Expect

Upon arrival, you will find a KidsPark Greeter at the check-in desk.  Parents are given a sticker with a number that corresponds to the numbered sticker each of your children will also receive.  As you wait for service to begin, children are welcome to play in the Kids Corner in our lobby, the Commons.  Children join parents in the sanctuary during worship and are then dismissed partway through the service.  Our KidsPark leaders meet the children in The Commons, help them line up with their class, then walk with them upstairs to their classroom.

Class Basics

Classes are structured by age/grade:


  • Preschool/K - age 3 to Kindergarten - meets in the Yellow Room.

  • Early Elementary - 1st to 2nd grade - meets in the Green Room.

  • Upper Elementary - 3rd Grade to 5th grade - meets in the Blue Room.

In each classroom you will find a KidsPark Teacher and KidsPark Helpers available to help your kids engage in their classrooms.  Through games, interactive stories, and other fun activities, KidsPark teachers are committed to sharing the life-changing love of Jesus.  Here children have an opportunity to develop their faith, share God’s love with one another, and build lasting friendships!

Our Approach


Because children in this age group are constantly exploring, our goal is to offer plenty of interactive learning opportunities.  Every Sunday our preschool children learn about Jesus through fun and engaging activities that present the Bible story while they move around, explore, and play!  The curriculum each Sunday includes Bible story time with related songs, hands-on crafts, and activities that reinforce the story.  


Early Elementary and Upper Elementary

Our goal is to create a classroom experience where your children can grow closer to Jesus and come to know Him.  The curriculum each Sunday will focus on scripture memorization, engaging Bible stories, and life-application activities.  

Our Commitment

Jesus loves and values our children, and wants to show them His love!  We are committed to creating a joy-filled atmosphere where your children feel safe, comfortable, and cared for always.  In addition to criminal background checks, every KidsPark volunteer is required to attend an annual training which covers safety in the classroom, best practices, and Child and Youth Abuse Prevention.  We would be happy to connect with you to answer any questions or concerns you have about our curriculum, volunteer screenings, or training process.

Abby Burg,

Family Ministry Pastor 

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